About Willie Chapel Baptist Church
Many years have passed since the founding of the Willie Chapel Baptist Church. A group of Christian men and women who felt the need of a place of worship banded themselves together for this purpose. These men and women had been members of the Old St. John Baptist Church, Beulah Baptist Church and Union Chapel Baptist Church. They were holding worship services in a building at Merry Point. It was called Pine Poll Village. Some of those were Mr. Benjamin Norris, Mr. Joseph Nickens, Mr. James Payne, Mrs. Atholine Nickens and Mrs. Annie Payne. The men mentioned were the founders and first deacons. As the congregation grew larger, more men were added to the deacon board. They were Mr. John Kelly, Mr. Abraham Tracey and Mr. Clarence Beecham. Taking God for their leader, these forward looking men set out to purchase land on which to build a church. They contacted a Mr. Cornwell, (white) a resident of Lancaster County and told him their desire to build a house of worship. He promised to give the land, providing they would name the church after his son, Willie. To this, all agreed and thus the church was named Little Willie Chapel Baptist Church.


The first pastor was the Rev. Braxton of Washington, DC., Rev. Jacob Robinson of Ivondale, Va was the second pastor. Rev. John Amos Nickens of Rehoboth Church, Va become the third pastor. Rev. Nickens served for over forty (40) years. He was succeeded by Rev. Paul Pollard. Rev Pollard stay wasn't very long and on his resignation, the church called to the pulpit the Rev. J.J. Nickens, the son of the former pastor, Rev. John Amos Nickens. Rev. J.J. Nickens served this church for seventeen years and was succeeded by the Reverend Albert Norman Johnson.

On the arrival of Rev. Albert Norman Johnson, the church was made a full time church, and because of Rev. Johnson had recently been called to the Second Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Caroline County, it became necessary for the church to have an assistant pastor. To this end, the Rev. W.H. Edwards was called as assistant to serve on second and fourth Sundays. Revs. Edwards and Johnson worked together as yoke fellows and the chuch began to grow spiritually and financially. In the year of 1957, Rev. Edwards received a call elsewhere and relinquished his position as assistant pastor. 

Rev. Eugene Pearson of Washington, DC was elected pastor. Under his pastoratem various clubs and singing groups were organized. They were the Friendship Club, Sunshine Club, and the Gospel Chorus.

Rev. Pearson, the Rev. Leon W. Baylor of Warsaw, Va was elected. Under his leadership, an addition was added to the front of the church. including two modern restrooms, and the church was brick veneered. The church was doing great things.

Rev. Baylor was followed by Rev. Millard Harris of Rahway, NJ. we continued to grow financially and spiritually. The heating system was changed and air conditioning was installed.

Rev. Harris' resignation, Rev. Olleo Cromwell of Chesapeake, VA, a young student of Virginia Union University, was elected pastor. A public speaking system was installed. Being a young minister, Rev Cromwell was a great inspiration to the youth of the church. The church grew rapidly under the leadership of the above leaders.

Rev. Olleo Cromwell, the Rev. Welford B. McDowney of Colonial Beach, VA was elected pastor. During his tenure, the interior of the church was remodeled, which included new pew cushions, choir chairs, pulpit furniture, new carpet, remodeling of the annex and pastor's restoom. Additional bibles and hymnals were added throughout the church.

After Rev. Olleo Cromwell, the Rev. Welford B. McDowney's resignation, Rev. Johnny Ray Green was called as Pastor. During his pastorate, more young people began attending sevices and participating in the service. He was the first pastor to elect a woman to be on the Deacon Board, and have more members of all ages to serve as woship leaders at Sunday worships. While serving as pastor, Rev. Green was fatally injured in a car accident.

Pastor Michael R. Reed, Sr. of Warsaw, VA served as pastor for 15 years. The year 2002, we added on a Fellowship Hall that included a kitchen, tables, chairs, baptistery, library, classrooms and additional bathrooms. The Men's Chorus was organized under his leadership. New chairs were also purchased for the choir.  Dr. Dorothy N. Cowling donated books for the library, which was named in her honor. Sis. Frances Norris donated property for burial. New windows were installed in the old dining hall. Church purchased a PC for office.

Our present Pastor is Pastor Rose M. Curry of Heathsville, VA.

Willie Chapel Baptist Church is located in Lancaster, VA.